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If you are planning to apply to graduate institutions overseas, you should take the GRE exam. This is one of the main admissions requirements for many courses like master’s, MBA, or doctoral degrees. The GRE is owned and administered by ETS(Educational Testing Service)to provide graduate and business institutions with common measures for comparing students' qualifications and preparedness for graduate-level academic study.

➥  GRE exam is an ideal choice for you as:
  1. The GRE score is widely accepted by universities and institutes across Canada, the US, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and many other nations
  2. Many scholarship and fellowship programs also considered the score of the GRE exam
  3. One can retake the exam as required until his/her GRE score reflects their true potential.
➥  Is there is any GRE exam eligibility criteria?

The good news is that the GRE has no specific eligibility criteria. Anyone can appear for the exam regardless of age or academic qualifications. The only requirement is that you should have a valid document specified by ETS as identity proof when appearing for the GRE exam. For more information click here: GRE Exam Eligibility

➥  GRE syllabus

The GRE is conducted in 2 basic streams:

  1. GRE General Test and
  2. GRE Subject Test

GRE General test assesses test takers on the following:

  1. Verbal reasoning 
  2. Quantitative reasoning 
  3. Analytical writing 
➥  GRE Subject Test:
  1. Targets the subject you want to pursue in higher education abroad.
  2. Required by only a few selected institutions for particular programs offered.
  3. You can choose anyone from the 8 specific subjects.

For more information click here: GRE Syllabus

➥  GRE Exam pattern
Verbal Reasoning
  1. Two sections of 20 questions each.
  2. You will be allotted  30 minutes per section.
  3. The question types covered in each section are as follows:
    • Sentence equivalence – 4 questions
    • Text completion – 6 questions
    • Reading Comprehension – 10 questions 
  4. Score Range from  130 to 170, 1 point Increment.

Here is the complete guide for this section: Verbal Reasoning Section of GRE

➥ Quantitative Reasoning
  1.  20 questions each from two sections, a total of 40 question 
  2. You will get 35 minutes per section.
  3. The question types covered in each section are as follows:
    • Quantitative Comparisons – 8 questions
    • Problem-Solving items – 9 questions
    • Data Interpretation Questions – 3 questions
  4. Score Ranges from  130 to 170, 1 point Increment.

Get complete information about this section here: Quantitative Reasoning Section of GRE

➥ Analytical Writing
  1. This section asks you to write two essays:
    • Analyze an issue
    • Analyze an argument.
  2. You will be allowed up to 30 minutes for each essay.
  3. Score Ranges from  0 to 6, 0.5 point Increment.

Want to know tips and tricks to crack this section? here it is:  Analytical Writing section of GRE

➥  Experimental Section
  1. This is not evaluated towards the GRE score.
  2. It is not included in the paper-based test.

For more information click here: GRE Exam Pattern

➥ GRE Preparation

When you start the preparations for the GRE exam you need to decide whether to study by yourself, within the coaching centers,  online GRE preparation course, or from private tutors. For best GRE preparation use strategies like Stick to a regular GRE study plan, Take practice tests, Chart your progress and mainly focus on weak areas. For more information click here: GRE Preparation

➥  GRE Exam Dates 

While selecting a GRE Exam Date, ensure your scores will be submitted on time, according to the context of the deadlines of the application. the results of the GRE exam are delivered to your chosen institution after 10 to15 days from the date you have taken the test. You can select any given date in the whole year by making an appointment with the closest GRE exam center. For more details click here: GRE Exam Dates

➥ GRE Registration

You can register for GRE by following the 4 simple steps given below:

Step 1: Set Up Your “My GRE” Account

Step 2: Choose a Test Center Location and Test Date

Step 3: Complete GRE Registration by filling in all the asked questions

Step 4: Pay the fee

For more information click here: GRE Registration

➥ A maximum number of attempts for the GRE exam 

Students can appear for the GRE General Test once every 21 days up to 5 times in the whole year. Students can attempt any number of times in their whole life.

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